Cataract Surgery

The lens inside the eye can become cloudy and hard, a condition known as cataract. It is part of the aging process and is due to the physical and mechanical changes taking place in the lens. The cause is age-related but it can also occur after an injury or trauma and when a patient has uncontrolled systemic conditions like diabetes mellitus. There is also a small portion of newborn babies that can have cataracts.

Effect of Cataracts on the Natural Lens of the Eyes
The lens is the one responsible for accommodation (focusing power of the eye). When a cataract is developing, this focusing power is also affected. As a person ages, the lens slowly becomes thicker, increasingly becomes less flexible and gets harder. These changes not only affects the focusing aspect of the eye but it also diffuses and scatters the light or images that enter the eye. This causes vision to be blurred or blocked like a mist covering the windshield of your car

The very first sign of a cataract is progressive blurring of vision that cannot be improved by glasses. Other symptoms of cataracts include:

Cloudy, fuzzy, foggy or filmy vision
Poor vision on bright light
Changes in the way you see colors
Seeing double on one or both eyes
Seeing halos specially at night when driving
Sometimes there is improvement of near vision during cataract ( we call this second sight) – but this will eventually deteriorate once the cataract continues to harden
Frequent changes in eyeglass prescription


What Our Patients Say:

"I had my eye cataract surgery at the Clinica Henson performed by Dr. Raoul Henson last February 13, 2018. I cannot thank Dr. Henson enough for the amazing results of my surgery. My vision is now 20/20 which is practically a miracle in my case as I grew up being highly myopic, never had a 20/20 vision in my whole life. I am thrilled and ecstatic with my new vision! I developed cataract relatively early, a lot younger than most. I had lasik surgery 11 years ago so I can be free from wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses but because of the eventual progression of my cataract, I had a grade of 800 by the time I opted to have my cataract surgery done last week and for Dr. Raoul Henson to achieve my now 20/20 vision is truly amazing! My other eye was also operated for cataract by Dr. Raoul Henson 5 years ago. Thank you so much, Dr. Henson!" 


- Ms. Ligaya Scott



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