Oculoplastic Surgery

Dr. Raoul Henson is a practicing oculoplastic surgeon at the Clinica Henson EENT center, the St. Luke's Medical Center and at the Makati Medical Center. He had his oculoplastic fellowship at the St. Francis Medical Center - University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine under the tutelage of Dr. Jorge Camara. He did the first laser tear duct surgery in the Philippines at the St. Luke's Medical Center in April 2004. He also did the first Balloon Dacryoplasty (treatment for congenital tear duct obstruction) at the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center in Angeles City, Philippines in 2005.

Dr. Henson has published numerous articles on peer reviewed journals here and abroad. He has lectured internationally and locally on different oculoplasty topics. His interests are in lacrimal surgery, eyelid surgery and reconstruction, eyelid cosmetic surgery and orbital fractures. Dr. Henson is a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and a fellow of the Philippine Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Oculoplastic surgery may consist of a wide spectrum of surgical operations such as corrective, reconstructive and cosmetic eye surgery. This type of eye surgery normally deals with the structures or the tissues around the eye. The tear ducts, eyelids, the orbit or the bony socket and the face are common problem areas that need oculoplastic surgery.

Oculoplastic Procedures
The type of oculoplastic procedure may vary, depending on the patient’s case. One of the most common surgeries performed is the blepharoplasty, a popular procedure for people with droopy eyelids. Other oculoplastic surgery includes tumor removal surrounding the eyes, eyelid reconstruction, tear duct repair, facial rejuvenation (eye lift, face lift, brow lift) and orbital fracture repair.


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